A Review for Asiandating.com Australia 

One of the most highly trusted and popular Asian dating sites in Australia is Asiandating.com. According to the information I found, the site has a niche in the online dating market.

More than 2.5 million people all over the world are registered with the site. This means it is the largest website currently available encouraging individuals all over the world to date singles located in numerous Asian countries.

AsianDating was established more than 15 years ago. Due to this length of time, I easily found an enormous amount of success stories verifying the site is extremely credible. I had a lot of fun reading these reviews.

The website has ensured a variety of languages can be used. The majority of the members are located in the United States, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, China, Europe and Vietnam. I also found several incredible user reviews from Australia.

Creating a Profile

I took a good look at the user profiles on the site. Since every field is completely filled out, there was a lot of good information there. I was impressed with the straightforward responses of the members.

This was when I decided to write an Asiandating.com Review Australia. What I really like is the percentage gauge the site uses to show how much of the profile has been completed.

When a section has not been completed, there is a red X. Tabs are used to section off the information in the profile. The first tab includes personal appearance details, cultural values, background and lifestyle.

All the member has to do is select a tab from the choices provided. In the second tab, the member talks about their personal interests, the activities they enjoy the most when free time is available, and their favorite cuisine.

All of the choices are provided, so all the member needs to do is choose. For the next tab, the member is able to write about themselves in their own words. This is a paragraph about the person including what they want in a partner.

My favorite is the match tab. You can see everything the person wants to find in their match. There are also Cupid tags. These tabs help members locate other users through the member search feature.

Basic Information

To fill out a profile, the member needs to type in basic details including full name, email address, password, gender, which gender is desired, city, state, country and date of birth.

About You Section

This section includes eye and hair color, weight, height, ethnicity and body type. The member also classifies their appearance.

Lifestyle Section

This section includes smoking and drinking habits, whether the member has or wants children, marital status, if they are willing to relocate and occupation. The member states if they are interested in friendship, a penpal, dating or marriage.

Cultural Values and Background

This is where the member reveals their nationality, ability to speak English, education. star sign and religion.

What the Person Desires in a Partner

I found this section intriguing because the member writes short answers to the questions. They talk about themselves, and what they want in a partner.

What the Member Wants

There is a lot of information in this section including the appearance, lifestyle, cultural values and background of the potential partner.

Additional Sections

The user uploads the main photo, and as many as four additional pictures. There is even a hide option for private photos. Interest in other members can be shown with a flirt or a wink. Paying members can send messages up and back.

Numerous types of relationships are allowed on AsianDating including straight, lesbian and gay. The relationship status includes single, divorced, separated and widowed. The available relationships are dating, penpal, marriage and friends.

Features of AsianDating

Members can smile or wink at other users and upload photos or videos. Recorded videos can be uploaded by platinum and gold members to help them stand out from the other members.

I found the CupidTags especially intriguing. This enables members to tag themselves with keywords revealing something important about their interests or personality. Searching is also easier with CupidTages to find members with common interests.

I learned a lot about numerous members such as their interests, hobbies, favorite books, foods, music, sports and movies, and their sense of humor.


Once I learned about the lengths AsianDating takes to ensure privacy, I knew I would be writing a positive asiandating.com Review Australia. I could prevent members from contacting me with an ignore or blocklist.

I could also report fake or abusive profiles. I am delighted to say this was never an issue. Members can deactivate their membership and profile anytime they want. I was able to decide what types of emails I received from the site.

I could also decide which new messages, instant messenger attempts, and new matches I received from AsianDating. I really like the way the site offers members so much control over their information and accounts.

Searching for Members

There are numerous options to search for members including a standard search, by age, gender, distance from my location, country, profiles with photos, last active date and advanced search.

I was able to search for members according to appearance, lifestyle, cultural values and background, keywords, CupidTages and member numbers. What I found the most interesting were the lists.

I was able to create lists according to my favorite members, the members who chose me as their favorite, my interests and matches, which members were interested, online friends, any IMs I had missed, who was online or new and the most popular.

I even created a list of everyone who had viewed my profile with great success. I enjoyed customizing the process by making lists.

The AsianDating App

AsianDating offers a mobile app for all Android users. Luckily, I love my Android phone. I discovered the app offered a lot of the same features as the desktop version. Once I became a paid member I was able to send messages for free.

I had the opportunity to upgrade my membership to receive additional features. The only action a free user can take through the mobile app is contacting other members by sending interests or hearts.

There is a linear layer in the mobile app. This is where the search results, and match suggestions for the members are displayed. The suggestions will not refresh or update automatically, but I do not see this as an issue.

Overall, I was very impressed with the functionality of both the mobile and desktop versions of the site. The website is extremely well designed, and runs smoothly on either version.

The Cost of AsianDating.com

All of the prices were shown in United States dollars. The site stated there may be differences in prices according to the location, access point, and time the membership is purchased. I did not find anything the website was trying to hide.

The available memberships, and pricing at the time I wrote this review are as follows.

  • Gold Membership:

    The cost is $29.99 for one month, $20.00 per month for three months, $16.66 per month for six months, or $10.00 per month for 12 months. I want to mention the one-year membership offers a savings of 67 percent.

    The Gold membership includes instant messaging, messages with personal information, personality profile, premium gallery access, and highlighted profiles for searches above the standard members.
  • Platinum Membership:

    The cost is $34.99 for one month, $23.33 per month for three months, $20.00 per month for six months, or $12.50 per month for 12 months.

    The Platinum membership includes all of the features of the Gold membership, reading and sending video mail, watching other member’s profiles, highlighted profiles for searches above the Gold members, and messages translated into another language.

AsianDating accepts major debit and credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. I had the option to turn off my renewal, or cancel my subscription whenever I decided.

The Bottom Line

I highly recommend AsianDating.com because I found the approach for Asian dating effective, competent and extremely reliable. Any non-Asian singles interested in finding an Asian partner should try this site.

Individuals can also find people from other countries or races on this website. I checked into the security, and determined it was both effective and efficient. All of the activity and online data remains private and secure.

I had no difficulty figuring out how to use the website or app. Both provided me with a smooth experience no matter what actions I was taking on the site. The registration is free, but a premium upgrade unlocked a lot of new potential.

I believe anyone in Australia interested in meeting and dating Asians has a good chance of succeeding through this website. I have no doubts the site is 100 percent legitimate.

Meeting someone in the Asian community can be extremely difficult. AsianDating has efficiently refined the process to substantially increase the chance of success. Since registration is free, there is no reason not to try the website today.