Top Australian Online Gay Dating Sites 

In the old days, before online dating, it could be difficult for gay people to date. It’s a dilemma, but it’s a dilemma that makes sense. Dating is challenging enough as it is, but the gay community faces the problem of having a smaller dating community to choose from. There’s simply less availability of gay partners, especially if you live in a smaller community.

Enter online dating. It was finally breakthrough in gay dating in Australia. Thanks to a large and expansive database of potential gay matches, finally the community didn’t have to waver before making first contact. Every potential gay partner was right in front of you on your dating app.

While it’s nice to have this arrangement for now, it’s obvious that it doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Some sites are more focused on helping gay Australians find love, while others stay solely focused on heterosexual relationships. Still other sites sprang up that thankfully catered exclusively to the gay community.

Whether you’re gay and looking for a casual dating arrangement, just a night on the town, or a full on marriage, you’re going to find the following dating sites potentially helpful to your goals. Here is a very good “starter course” on gay dating sites for Australian singles.

Top Gay Dating Sites for Australian Singles

Knowing your goals before going into a dating site will help enormously. Are you looking for something casual? Maybe just a single date for the night? Or are you looking to build a lifetime with someone?

1. Gay Match Maker

Gay Match Maker


  • Add as many pictures as you want to your profile and really reach out in pics
  • Webcams and chatrooms enhance your ability to communicate with potential partners
  • A strong link to gay events in your area
  • Half of members are looking for marriage
  • Half members are looking for casual dating


  • Focused solely on Australia in this instance, so if you’re not from Australia or near, it’s probably not for you
  • A more modern website design would be refreshing, but underneath the dated exterior, this is a powerful dating site!

Gay Match Maker boasts over 300,000 Australian gay singles, and that spells bliss when you’re dating locally. Every area of the country is represented, with plenty of smaller areas included as well. What else does this top site have going for it?

2. GaysTryst



  • Small, more old-fashioned approach to online dating
  • Smaller potential dating pool means your profiles really stand out
  • Bulk messaging means you can make your case to more than one person at once
  • Ability to block users lets you maintain control over your experience
  • Chat rooms available for cozier interaction


  • Website interface could use a little work to make it more modern
  • Some people prefer a larger community

GaysTryst is for gay men looking for other gay men. They have members ranging in age from 18 all the way to 78, each one looking for a different kind of encounter. It’s a smaller community than many of the larger sites, meaning you can really get a unique match here that might just turn out to be what you’re looking for.

3. BuddyGays



  • Fairly large community but narrowed down to really pinpoint a match
  • Easy to sign up
  • Verification process protects your privacy and account
  • Allows you to search on multiple points of interest, including religion


  • Somewhat limited messaging features
  • Some people will prefer a larger pool of daters

BuddyGays is one of the underdogs of the online gay dating scene, but don’t overlook it as you search for your mate. Its simple online signup process is great, and then the security measures they take to verify the account really makes sure that you’re safe.

4. eHarmony

eHarmony site


  • No matching features for gay singles
  • eHarmony offers a “Compatiblepartners” variation for gay people
  • Compatible Partners feature is designed to help gay people find lasting love, too


  • Biggest con is that eHarmony doesn’t offer gay matching on their main site

eHarmony has a reputation that follows it, and that reputation is all good. They were the first to develop the idea of a “personality test” that matched people on points of compatibility and then let them find lasting long. However, eHarmony does not offer a gay matching service. They finally did offer a spinoff called Compatible Partners, though.

5. Elite Singles

Elite Singles


  • Gay searchers can select “man looking for man” on Elite Singles
  • This is one of the largest dating communities online
  • If you’re looking for educated, more upscale people, this is a great choice
  • Easy to sign up


  • Elite Singles is more expensive than other sites
  • Gay community may be more limited on here, as there is a slant toward heterosexuality, but you can find a gay mate on here

Elite Singles is very much like eHarmony in that it focuses on serious relationships that develop into marriage. While there is some casual dating potential here, it’s mostly for those who are serious. Unlike eHarmony, Elite Singles does offer gay dating.

Start a Search Today

Searching for love online is a fun and hopeful prospect. Whether you’re dating online for the first time or frequently use gay dating sites to find partners, you’ll find that some of these sites might be new to you and offer additional opportunities for fun dates and fulfillment.

Before deciding on which of these sites is for you, really lay out your goals. Are you looking for a serious relationship? Elite Singles is a great choice. Are you more in the ballgame for a one night stand? GaysTryst is ideal. Others fall somewhere in between, offering a mix of both of these dating formats.

Looking for love isn’t easy offline, and it’s not always easy online, but when you go into it with a great, hopeful attitude, you’re going to find yourself meeting some really great people along the way. Thanks to new innovations in online dating – such as compatibility quizzes and expanded social features – you’ll find yourself having a blast on all these sites.

The best way to pick out your site is to visit each of these services individually and really get a feel for what they’re all about. Do you like their interface? Do you appreciate the design of the site and feel at home there? What do the profiles say to you? Are they your kind of people?

Finding love isn’t easy, but when it happens, it’s one of life’s most magical occurrences. You can use one of these excellent sites to start your search for love – or fun – today. The best time to start that search is right now.