Bumble Review Australia 2020 

Whitney Wolfe created the Bumble online dating app in 2014. One of the key reasons I approve of this app is control is given to the women. When a match is made, the woman sends a message to the man first. The man can then decide if he is interested.

The idea of Bumble is to provide both women and men with a safe way to find a match, then establish a relationship. I have found dating in Australia is not only safer with Bumble, but a lot easier as well.

How Does Bumble Work?

I learned how to use Bumble quickly. I showed my level of interest with a right or left swipe. SuperSwipes are available for a member I am really interested in. Swiping right establishes a connection.

Once I receive a swipe right, I have 24 hours to start a conversation, or the opportunity disappears. I find the choice of video or voice calls within Bumble as opposed to simply messaging intriguing.

With this feature, I do not have to reveal my phone number to speak with a member. When a member receives a match, a phone and video icon appears directly on the messaging screen.

All I had to do was choose the icon I wanted and tap. The member can accept or decline my video or voice chat. When I initiate either of these actions, Bumble considers it the first move.

The only time these icons appear to men is if the woman reaches out to them. There are three options for the voice and video chat, Date, Bizz and BFF. I had the option of adding a virtual dating badge to let matches know I enjoy video chatting.

I can remove this badge any time I want simply by going to the advanced filters menu, and changing my status.

Signing Up

I found the signup process incredibly easy. I chose to use my Facebook account. There was no need to give Bumble any information since everything was imported to Bumble from Facebook.

If the new member does not have a Facebook account, the sign up can be completed with a phone number. The member needs to enter the required information. I was then asked for my location. I simply set everything up through the location settings on my phone.

Bumble needed my location in Australia to show me which members were close, and to offer me local matches. I was required to upload a photo for my profile before I could complete the registration process. I found the process simple and smooth.

Bumble Profiles

With Bumble, dating in Australia is not only much easier, but members can access the profiles for free. The information and photos helped me determine if I was interested in a member.

Since I registered through Facebook, Bumble used the majority of the information to create my account. For members registering with a phone number, manually entering the information is not difficult or too time-consuming.

Another reason my Bumble review Australia is good, is the quality of the profiles. The feeling I got from each profile was an excellent indicator as to whether or not I was interested in the member.

Contacting Bumble Members

The contact policy is different than anything I have seen with any other dating site. On Bumble, women always make the first contact. I receive some great match suggestions, then responded with a left or right swipe.

I was then given 24 hours to send a message. Once sent, the member has 24 hours to reply back. From this point on, the member can initiate a conversation at any time. There are several reasons I find this feature incredibly appealing.

First, Bumble has eliminated the constant stream of messages I received every time I tried a dating site. I had no interest in the majority of these members. I found the constant bombardment incredibly annoying.

Second, I like being in control of which members can contact me. Finally, without so many unwanted messages, I have more time to concentrate on the members I am interested in.

The Cost of Bumble

Bumble can be used at no cost. There are some good premium features making it a lot easier to find a match. Bumble Boost offers three premium features for $8.99 per week including the following.

  • Busybee:
    This feature extends the 24 hour period for matches

  • BeeLine:
    BeeLine shows profiles that have already expressed an interest. A match with any of these members is guaranteed. The result saves time and swipes.

  • Rematch:
    This feature enables the member to re-establish a connection with previous matches for an additional 24 hours.

The actual price for Bumble Boost is dependent on the subscription length. The cost is discounted if the member purchases a subscription for three to six months. The following subscriptions are available.

  • A one-week subscription is priced at $11.99 AUD
  • A one-month subscription is $33.99 AUD
  • A three-month subscription is $22.33 AUD per month
  • A six-month subscription is $17.83 AUD per month

Bumble accepts credit cards, PayPal, and payments made through mobile phones.

Bumble Coins

The in-app currency is called Bumble Coins. The coins are used for purchasing SuperSwipes. This is different than a standard like because it indicates serious interest in a connection with the member.

The cost per SuperSwipe is one coin or $2.99. There is a discount for bulk Bumble Coin purchases. Bumble coins can also be used for the Spotlight in-app purchase. This increases profile exposure for a period of 30 minutes for two coins.

Any member spending five coins has the ability to change their Bumble location by activating Travel Mode for seven days. The member chooses the location where they will be during this time.

Travel Mode also enables the member to begin messaging or swiping matches prior to arriving in their new location.

Special Bumble Features

Bumble can be used as a dating app for free. There are also special features available to provide the member with more popularity and visibility while using the app. The best of these features are outlined below.

  • BumbleBizz

    BumbleBizz enables members to find business connections as opposed to personal. The best way to describe this feature is as a business app. Members look for suppliers or contractors, or an individual to fund a startup instead of dates.

    BumbleBizz is also effective for gaining access to invaluable industry resources, increasing knowledge regarding nearly any industry, and establishing network connections.
  • BumbleBFF

    BumbleBFF is an effective resource for anyone interested in making new friends like an individual moving to a new city or state. The member switches the app mode to Bumble BFF from the typical Bumble.

    The member can now search for people interested in nothing more than a platonic relationship.
  • The BeeHive

    The BeeHive is Bumble’s blog. I found this an excellent resource for everything regarding Australian dating. There are events announcements, tips for making profiles more appealing, and everything I required to remain current.
  • Bumble Hive

    The sponsors of Bumble occasionally agree to sponsor an event in real-life. These events are found in Bumble Hive. The events are open for Bumble Bizz, BFF and dating members.

    The event ticket is simply the member’s Bumble profile. Bumble Hive offers members the opportunity to meet many of the other members for dating, friendship, flirting or just having some fun.

    These events can also be used to find connections including potential business investors or partners. Some of the events offer members conferences and symposiums led by expert speakers on a wide range of topics.

    The topics have included everything from successfully pitching business ideas to building careers.
  • SuperSwipe

    One of the best ways to let a member know there is a lot of interest is with a SuperSwipe. The member will be sent a notification a SuperSwipe was purchased specifically for getting their attention.

    I love the idea the member knows they are liked well enough the user was willing to spend money to gain their attention. I find this idea extremely intriguing, and have no doubt the member will most likely pay attention.
  • Virtual Dating Badge

    A Virtual Dating Badge can be placed on the user’s profile to let other members know they are interested in interactions through voice or video calls. I feel this adds a lot to the typical witty and interesting chat on Bumble.

    Voice calls and video chats are an excellent way to begin establishing intimacy with any matches.
  • Backtrack

    Yes, I have accidentally swiped the wrong way and lost potential matches. I was able to get these matches back by upgrading my membership to premium.

Final Verdict

I have found men gain confidence when I reach out to them first. The result has been establishing a connection much faster. This is exactly what Bumble enabled me to do. I highly recommend Bumble for both women and men in Australia for this reason alone.

Since all members are aware of the Bumble rules, everyone wins. Women no longer have to be afraid to reach out because of Bumble.