Find Chinese Singles in Melbourne Online 

What’s important to you in a dating partner? Are you looking for love or looking for a blazing hot night on the town? Do you just want a hookup or to have children with your spouse? Knowing what you want is critical to getting what you want.

Dating in Australia has become more difficult in this modern age, and that’s one reason why so many people are turning to online dating. It’s safe. It’s discreet. And it’s available 24 hours a day.

The following sites are ideal for people looking for Chinese dating options. Beautiful Asian dating sites frequently turn up online, but only a few services stand the test of time, win over trust among members, and result in substantial relationships. These are the sites to add to your playbook.

Top Chinese Dating Sites for Melbourne Singles

Each one of the following sites offers something to the current Chinese dating scene. Which one is right for you will hinge on what your goals are.

1. eHarmony

eHarmony site


  • Geared toward people looking for meaningful, long-term relationships
  • A large membership base of Chinese daters
  • Intricate personality profile is backed by science
  • New matches automatically sent to you, based on compatibility
  • One of the most trusted dating websites in the world


  • Very expensive compared to others
  • No tools for gay or lesbian searchers

Long recognized as one of the most “scientific” of all dating sites, eHarmony matches its members automatically, so there’s never a need to go on an endless quest. eHarmony gives you a 29 dimension personality test and then sends potential relationship partners right to your door.

2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles


  • Large database of members who are financially and educationally stable
  • Generally a site for people who have it “together” in life
  • Automatic matches based on the areas that matter to you
  • Huge number of members
  • Great chatting tools and messaging tools for paid members


  • Focus on the “elite” may not vibe well with everyone
  • No search functions that really let you browse

Elite singles take over where eHarmony leaves off. While eHarmony focuses on compatibility, Elite believes that stability is the key to a lasting relationship. Both sites are designed for people who are very serious about finding a long-term partner.

3. China Love Cupid

China Love Cupid


  • A huge membership base of attractive Chinese people
  • Focus on physical appearance will net matches for folks looking for something casual
  • 1.5 million members
  • Expansive search functions let you narrow down your wants


  • Focused primarily on Chinese dating, so others may not find what they want
  • Free features are limited

For people looking to get into the Chinese dating scene, a site that’s geared specifically toward Chinese people is going to overpower both of the previous two sites. China Love Cupid goes right to the heart of the matter: beauty. If looks matter to you, this might be your site.

4. Asian Dating

Asian Dating


  • A large member base gives you a lot of variety
  • Perfect for people who want something serious OR something casual
  • Website is elegantly designed and easy to browse
  • Tons of creative emoticons and messaging features that let you have fun
  • Free membership nets you some cool features right off the bat


  • Site could always use a few more members
  • If you’re not looking for Chinese dating, this might not be for you

With over 4.5 million members, this dating site really cuts to the chase, too. It’s geared toward people who take pride in their appearance, and then they expect their partners to also do this. If physical appearance matters to you, Asain dating is going to be a perfect match.

5. Asia Charm

Asia Charm


  • Open about its cause and purpose
  • A lovely selection of beautiful Asian brides are easy to browse
  • Transparency and upfront terms and conditions really instill confidence in the process
  • You can direct message easily
  • Sweet virtual gifts really help the exchanges along


  • Mail order brides simply aren’t for everyone
  • Extremely expensive for the average person

Asia Charm is a little off the beaten path, but it travels the path nobly. If you want an Asian mail order bride, Asia Charm is the perfect spot for you. As one of the premier destinations for this type of relationship, it crushes the competition.

Get Out There and Rule the Scene

As online dating has become more acceptable and even revered in this day and age, online Chinese dating has really taken off in a big way. People find that it’s safer and more convenient to date from home first.

You can have a nice conversation with someone looking for the same things you are, exchange ideas and wants, and really work toward your dating goals, all from the comforts of your smartphone or computer.

Messaging and chatting features have really ramped up over the years as well, thanks to things like emoticons and video chats. You can actually see the person you might fall in love with talk and interact over a video chat, leading into a greater sense of purpose and understanding between you.

All of the sites listed here are among the best choices you have for online Chinese dating. Whether you’re simply looking to date an Asian person or you are an Asian person looking for someone who shares your values, you’ll find that there’s something of value in all the sites.

Specialized sites like Asia Charm, offering mail order brides, is a relatively new development here in the last ten years, but even this type of arrangement is gaining traction around the world. People are freeing themselves up to new possibilities in dating, and online sites have led the way.

As you go forward, a quick visit to each site and a free membership will shed light on which one really meets your needs. Asia Charm offers mail order brides, so if you’re looking for that, it’s your best bet. eHarmony and Elite focus on serious relationships. And then Asain Dating and Chinese Love cupid are great for casual encounters.

You’ve got a lifetime to find a lifetime of love, but it all begins with the first visit and first profile. Get your pictures ready, have an introduction in mind, and get to work finding your perfect partner.

As you explore through free memberships, you’ll see which sites click with you and which ones just don’t fit the scene you had in mind. Just like in love itself, experimenting is sometimes your first step. Happy searching.