Irish Dating Australia – Meet Irish Singles Online 

Dating in the real world is tough, especially in the world we live in today. It doesn’t have to stay tough, though. Dating in Australia got a whole lot easier when the Internet created online dating.

Finally, there was a situation where you could sit down and really think out your dating choices. You put up a profile making your case, explaining who you are, throw in some nifty pictures, and suddenly you can connect with other Irish singles.

Today’s Irish dating Australia is usually done online. The convenience of dating from home at first really sets the stage for the rest of the relationship and gives people the choice to take it or leave it upfront.

Top Irish Dating Sites for Australian Singles

Of all the Irish dating sites out there, these three are the ones that people often turn to the most. eHarmony, a site that has been around for about 20 years now, created the online compatibility test, and it made history. Then came Elite Singles and excellent sites like RSVP. Which one is for you?

1. eHarmony

eHarmony site


  • Large international membership means opportunities for Irish dating
  • 29 dimensions of personality test is backed by science
  • Chat and messaging tools give you the ability to really get to know a potential mate
  • For heterosexual Irish daters, this might be one of your best bets
  • Longstanding trustworthiness


  • Expensive to some people
  • Doesn’t really capture the “casual” dating scene well

We all know the story. Neil Clark Warren founded eHarmony on the assumption that relationships work out best when you’re compatible. His personality test covers 29 areas of human personality and then hooks you up with someone who is compatible.

Long-lasting relationships and marriages often culminate from an eHarmony account. You could be the next person to find a meaningful, long-term relationship from this site. They don’t cater specifically to Irish dating, but you will find a healthy Irish membership here.

If you are in it to win it and mean business about finding a partner, eHarmony is a fantastic choice to consider. Its millions of members are people who really want to find a lifelong love and soulmate.

2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles


  • Finding a stable partner is a great likelihood
  • For people who put a priority on finances and education, the people here tend to be more well off and educated
  • You’re automatically matched, so no need to tire yourself out searching
  • An extensive personality test gives you and people who connect with you a way to learn about each other
  • Nice website design and elegant layout


  • If money and education don’t matter, you might miss out on a partner with this site
  • No specific catering to the Irish community

Elite Singles captures another demographic for Irish daters. You’ll find people who consider themselves well put together, educated, and financially stable. Many people prize that facet of a relationship.

Most research shows that people who go into a relationship that’s financially healthy will experience a better quality of love. It’s not hard to see why. It’s tough to work through difficulties when financial matters are clouding things.




  • Attractive membership database of Irish daters in Australia
  • A more casual environment than other sites
  • Potential for fun date nights and purely physical relationships
  • Likewise, you can find lasting love here, too
  • Much cheaper than previously reviewed sites


  • If you’re outside of Australia, another site might be a better option
  • Could always use more personality profiles and info on profiles

If you’re in Australia, a great way to meet local people is to sign up for a dating site that specifically helps Australians find people. And RSVP is that site. It’s one of the largest communities of online Australian dating in the universe.

It does its job well. You’ll find a large Irish community located in Australia and ready to really date. Unlike eHarmony, it doesn’t just focus on “meaningful” relationships. The frivolous can be a lot of fun, too, so if you’re looking for something casual, this is a better option.

A Worthwhile Search for Love

When you know you’re looking for something but haven’t found it yet, there’s an element of excitement in life. We all love the search. In the beginning, you might not even know what you’re looking for.

You might sign up for a dating site looking for something casual, and then you might, later on, find yourself in love with someone a few months later. You wouldn’t be the only person who signed up for a dating site looking for something casual, only to reach the end of your road a married person. It happens.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re only going to find it if you engage in that all-important search. Each of these sites is a tool you can use to search for love or fun online. There are people out there just like you, Irish daters who want to find something that’s meaningful to them.

What path you take is up to you. Sometimes people create a profile and let it sit for a while, let their messages and matches pile up. Others take it day by day and seriously look for love. Your online dating style can be tweaked at any time, or you can do a mix of both casual and serious looking.

For Australian Irish daters, RSVP might be your most appealing option. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to eHarmony and Elite, and then of course you are freer to be casual about your profile and not worry about taking so many personality tests.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of time in the search, there are tools on RSVP to do that. If you’re set on finding love, eHarmony and Elite are excellent choices, depending on what values matter most to you.

Like all searches, looking for love might have a few bumps in the road. Things might not be smooth at first. Or you may luck out and find a partner the first day you sign up and create a profile.

Go into it with a really fun attitude, accept that it might take a while to find what you’re looking for, and most importantly, enjoy every step of your journey. Once you get there and find that match, it’ll all be worthwhile.

It’s important to really get a feel for each of the sites before opting to invest a lot of time in one. Some folks even sign up for all of them to increase their chances of finding a mate. Your style is all up to you!

Visit each of these sites today to learn more about the way they do things in the online dating game. Your search will eventually prove worthwhile.