Find Kiwis to Date Online Australia – Best Dating Sites for New Zealanders 

Isn’t it nice to be able to look for love from the convenience of home? You don’t necessarily have to travel to seedy bars anymore. You can engage in a rational process and search for what makes you happy without even walking outside your door.

Dating sites that service the Kiwi community are plentiful online, giving you access to full profiles of singles just like you who want to create a meaningful life through dating in Australia.

All dating sites have led to relationships and even marriages. Just like you never know where you’re going to meet a partner in real life, the online dating scene varies in its audience at any given time of year. The communities are usually thriving in some areas, especially larger cities.

Each dating site caters to a particular demographic, but they have avenues of meeting people from all walks of life, so there’s always a chance that you can meet a new partner on any dating site you sign up for. However, it’s important to remember your goals before you select a paid dating site. For example, many people shop for dating sites according to:

  • Price
  • Number of members
  • Chat features
  • Free features during a trial or free account

Top 3 Kiwi Dating Sites for Australian Singles

Kiwi dating Australian communities will find value in the three following dating sites (briefly reviewed to give you an idea of what they have to offer you). Which one of these sites will make your kiwi dating Australia dreams come true?

1. eHarmony

eHarmony site


  • Emphasis on long-term relationships is ideal for older people or people who want a true blue marriage out of their dating site experience
  • Excellent matching tools mean you don’t have to search on your own; you get your matches and go from there
  • 29 key areas of your personality will be analyzed and aligned with people who match well with your personality type
  • As a well-known and advertised product, eHarmony is very trustworthy
  • Membership is estimated to be 10 million people


  • eHarmony is one of the more expensive dating sites, but it offers a lot of value
  • You get matches instead of searching for yourself, so free-roaming exploration isn’t really possible here

eHarmony became famous for their commercials and scientifically backed personality profile, matching people on different areas of their personality to increase the likelihood of meaningful long-term relationships and marriages. If you’re looking for something serious – or even marriage – eHarmony remains one of your best options.

Overall, eHarmony remains one of the most trusted, revered, and used dating websites in the entire Kiwi community, and it has earned its reputation the honest way.

2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles


  • 13 million singles gives you one of the largest dating pools online
  • Their quiz is tailored to help you find other people who are 100% serious about wanting to find meaningful love, not just hookups
  • Elite Singles really pinpoints similarities between people so that you can be aware of what you have in common
  • Privacy is one of Elite Singles specialties, so you can hide your profile


  • It has one of the longest signup processes of all dating sites, so if you’re not serious, it’s possible to lose interest
  • You get matched with people, so you can’t search singles at will

Elite Singles is next up on our list of dating sites, and it’s definitely one of the most long-lived of the trio you’ll find here. Like eHarmony, it believes in total seriousness and features a slant toward non-casual, serious relationships. If you want something meaningful from your online dating site, Elite Singles gives you access to an estimated 13 million singles.

Like eHarmony before it, Elite Singles is serious business. This isn’t for the casual dater, but if you’re willing to put some faith in their matching process, you can find love here.




  • Large membership that is available to you locally
  • A terrific mix of both casual daters and people looking for marriage
  • Highlight on local scenes like Perth
  • Fantastic search function that really lets you roam and browse
  • A more natural dating experience that doesn’t rely solely on quizzes and testing


  • Like the real dating scene, RSVP can be a tossup sometimes; you’re not getting “perfect” matches (which can be a plus as well)
  • We’d always love to see this site grow even more, as it’s one of our favorites

RSVP is perhaps the most ideal for local Kiwi people looking to find love in their communities. It’s tailored specifically to the Kiwi community in Australia and puts you in touch with more people from your own area. What else does it bring to the table?

Bottom Line on Kiwi Dating

The future looks bright for Kiwi singles looking to find love in the online era. You’ve got unprecedented access to dating sites like the three we’ve reviewed here today, and you can access them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all without needing to go beyond your front door.

eHarmony, Elite Singles, and RSVP are all viable options for the Kiwi dating scene to consider. Each one gives you a large community of millions of people to search from, but only RSVP gives you the local scene that you might crave. When you want a date tonight, it might just be your best option here, and of course, there are plenty of people on RSVP who are also serious about dating and want marriage from their interaction. You can explore all three of these sites at your own leisure!