Korean Dating Australia – Find Korean Singles to Date Online 

Dating in real life can sometimes be an awkward and difficult to pull off endeavor.

Locals that are looking for love don’t often openly advertise that fact, and many people who want to settle down with another person simply don’t have the ability to make their intentions known. They might be shy, or not have an active social life that puts them in contact with people, or they might have some fear of in person interaction.

Dating in Australia for Koreans comes with another reality: you might not be from the area where you’re trying to date. Maybe the kind of people you’re attracted to are in short supply. Conveniently looking a partner online takes care of some of the awkwardness, and it gives you many advantages as you’re dating in Australia.

Top Korean Dating Sites for Australian Singles

If you’re considering an online dating site to help you with Korean dating Australia, these are the sites to keep your eye on. Each one of them has something to offer a particular kind of dater. Knowing your goals going into your search will really expedite the time it takes to find the love of your life (or night).

1. eHarmony

eHarmony site


  • Over 2 decades of experience in matching people
  • Personality test on 29 dimensions of compatibility
  • Excellent blog that hooks you up with date ideas
  • Trustworthy reputation and a large user base
  • Many ways to customize your profile to make a great impression


  • LGBT community must use separate company connected to eHarmony
  • Free roaming searches are not available

eHarmony has been around for a cool 2 decades, and it’s one of the most well-known and trusted online dating sites for heterosexual people looking for a mate. Its international base helps Koreans find people in their local area.

Their 29 dimensions of personality test has become famous the world over for allowing people to really display who they are at the time they start their search. A personality compatibility test was one of the most innovative online dating techniques of its era, and it continues to be useful today.

eHarmony will probably always be one of the foremost dating sites online. It has a reputation for fostering meaningful, long-term relationships and marriages. Casual daters might be better suited elsewhere.

In recent years, the gay community has commented on eHarmony as well, wanting them to add options for LGBT daters. While they didn’t give in on the main site, they did create a “compatible partners” website for people in this community.

eHarmony is backed by some serious researchers and scientists, so you get a huge number of features and science to aid your search, but it’s going to be more expensive than casual sites. Is it worth it to you?

2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles


  • Millions of upscale people looking for love
  • You’ll take a personality quiz that’s in-depth and touches on practical everyday facets of your life
  • Matched automatically with people who might be right for you
  • Relatively inexpensive for someone with a steady income
  • Many ways to reach out and connect


  • Can’t search on your own or browse and pick who you want
  • Expensive if you don’t have a larger income

Elite Singles plays up their focus on “elite” here. They want a user base that is educated and with fairly high annual incomes, so if you’re looking for a stable person, this might be a good go-to site for Koreans.

Elite has long been associated with a bit pickier brand of online and offline dater. These are people who have high expectations of others, and they have high expectations of themselves, so if you’re one of those people who expects the best out of your dates, then Elite is a fantastic option.

Once again, you’ll pay a bit more for both eHarmony and Elite than you will for other more casual dating sites. They put a lot of science into their formulas, and they hire experts to see what works for people who are looking for love. You will pay a premium for that oversight, but it’s worth it.

3. Korean Cupid

Korean Cupid


  • 700,000 member base that’s Korean
  • Established in 2004, it’s one of the oldest dating sites online
  • A large member base gives you a diverse group of Koreans to mingle with
  • People of all nationalities are welcome to mingle
  • Member search is highly searchable


  • It’s a bit smaller than the major dating sites out there, but it has a more Korean focused slant
  • Free membership is somewhat limited

Korean Cupid focuses solely on the Korean community and seeks to help you find someone who matches your background and lifestyle. It’s ideal for both casual daters and for those who are looking to establish a real, lasting connection of love and partnership.

Koreancupid.com continues to be a powerful force in the online Korean dating community. Thousands of people hook up or find love on here,some of them even adding their “success story” on Korean Cupid so that other members can see it works. And perhaps most importantly, it’s not as outrageously expensive as Elite or eHarmony.

Casual dating is a bit more popular online these days, and Korean Cupid really does have a more casual brand than either of the other two sites mentioned here. They zone in on one particular community – the Korean community – and really focus on making the best site they can that caters to this particular community.

A Place for Koreans to Find Love

If you’re a member of the Korean community and are having a tough time finding love locally, you’re not alone. Thousands or even millions of people experience this. No matter where you live in the world, it’s easy to download one of these apps and find love on your smartphone or computer.

Before going into your online dating foray, ask yourself a few things. What exactly are you looking for? Do you want a casual hookup for a night, a casual relationship and just someone to hang out with and get to know better, or are you going into it full force and looking for marriage?

Your goals will in large part determine which dating site is best for you. For serious relationships in most areas of the world, eHarmony is a safe bet. For Koreans who are interested in any kind of relationship, Koreancupid is a more economical and worthwhile site. For upscale lifestyles and pickier daters, Elite Singles wins the day.

Your search begins only when you want it to. To really get the most out of your dating app, you have to know what you want out of it going into it. Decide on your wishes and then sign up for a free trial or a free account on any of the above sites. You’ll definitely learn a lot just through the free membership.