Match Review Australia 2020 

Online dating has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the years. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that millions of people are members of online dating sites. Singles from all walks of life enjoy the idea of meeting intriguing people from the comfort of their home.

Fortunately, online dating has had a positive impact on dating in Australia. There’s no need for you to frequent night clubs and bars. You can sign-up at one of the hottest virtual dating websites around today. is an exceptional dating site for Australian singles. Operated by Match Group, is one of their oldest dating sites.

Founded in 1993, has blossomed into a premier dating site. It gives singles a golden opportunity to connect with like-minded people. It’s vital to mention that the membership at continues to grow every year.

The members of are not taken for granted. Once you join, you can look forward to getting an exceptional experience. In short, you will get your money’s worth.

Is Unique?

What makes different from other online dating sites? If you don’t meet your ideal match within six months, you will be eligible to get six months of membership for free.

It will be extremely hard for you to find this type of offer anywhere else. claims their site is responsible for creating hundreds of healthy relationships and solid marriages. The testimonies on their website back up their claims.

Match review Australia is a hot topic that we will discuss in this review. Is worth your time? Will you get your money’s worth?

We will now take a close look at one of the oldest dating sites in the game. After you read this review, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with’s potential to help you find someone special. It’s time to get things underway.

Membership at Match in 2020

Here are some quick points for you to look at:

  • attracts members from around the globe
  • Many members at live in Australia
  • Match has over 19 million active members
  • More than 6 million members have premium membership

At this present time, there are over 240,000 members from Australia. With 2,100 log-ins taking place daily, you will be in perfect position to meet new people with ease. This is refreshing news for people who have been frustrated with dating sites with a limited membership.

The gender proportion is 45% women to 55% men. Our research shows this is typical for dating websites. Everyone has a good chance of meeting eligible singles.

Transparency at

Transparency is another positive highlight for Members reveal their relationship status. You will know if other members are single, separated, or divorced.

Unlike the other popular dating sites, Match makes it a point for their members to be upfront about their relationship status. This helps members avoid wasting their time on someone who does not meet their standards.

It’s important to point out that Match does not endorse edgy behavior like three-way relationships. The members seem to be mature and laid back.

Joining Match

Contrary to what you may believe, joining will only take a few minutes of your time. In our case, we created a new account within ten minutes. It typically takes at least 30 to 45 minutes to create a new profile on other dating websites.

You must submit the following information during the sign-up process: your gender, your age, your location, your birth date, and your email address.

You will be sent to the profile builder after creating your new username and password. The profile builder is designed to help you fill your profile with important details. This includes your height, weight, and relationship status.

The profile builder will also ask you to create an “About Me” paragraph. After that, you will be asked to submit a photo for your new profile. If you want to get the best results from your membership, we suggest that you submit a clear photograph.

Once you’re finished creating your profile, you can sign-in. Unlike many other online dating websites, Match will not ask you to verify you email address.

Here are the highlights of the sign-up process at

  • The registration process is simple and fast
  • The profile builder makes it easy for you to create a new profile
  • You must upload a photograph
  • You are required to fill out a personal information form
  • There’s no email verification

Contacting Other Members

Getting in touch with other members on Match is simple. The ‘Matches’ tab will present you with profiles. You can skip them or like them.

Let’s say you see a profile that strikes your interest. You can click the ‘Like’ button. Once you click the button, that member will be placed on your ‘Likes’ list.

The system will send a message to that member. They will be placed on your ‘Likes’ list.

If you decided to skip a profile, the system will show a new profile. It’s really that simple.

We suggest that you take advantage of the ‘Discover’ feature on the site. The ‘Discover’ feature will help you breakdown the demographics. In short, the ‘Discover’ feature is a search filter.

With the search filter at your disposal, you can save precious time. For example, you can begin searching for members living in Australia.

If you want to take things to another level, you should consider getting premium membership. With premium membership, you will get Match Me and Matchphone.

  • Match Me – Match Me is a special perk where your profile will show up as one of the first suggested profiles in another member’s ‘Matches’ feature section. Match Me will help your profile get more visibility.

    Can you imagine how it would feel to have attractive singles sending you messages daily? Match Me can make this happen for you. This is the primary reason why you should consider getting premium membership.

  • MatchPhone – This is where you will be able to contact another member via phone. Match will assign you with a custom number. If the conversation does not go well, you can hang up and block the user from contacting you.

    Will MatchPhone help you find someone special? In our honest opinion, we feel like it will help you. There’s nothing like having a conversation with someone new over the telephone.

    Exchanging messages is fine, but it cannot compare to having phone conversations with other members. A brief phone conversation can help you determine if that member is ideal for you.

Here are the highlights of contacting other members:

  • You will not be charged for sending likes to other members
  • You must pay to send messages to other members
  • The search filter will make it easy to find suitable members
  • Premium membership lets you communicate with other members in the chat room
  • You can keep track of your likes


We’ve seen profiles on dozens of online dating sites. We must admit that we are impressed with the profiles on Match. The detailed profiles on this site make it easy for members to find their better half.

The profiles have photos, a physical feature profile, and detailed interests. This makes it extremely easy for you to scout the members on the site.

The profiles on the website also show a percentage of compatibility. If the percentage is low, there’s a strong possibility that you and that member will not hit it off. This feature helps eliminate the members who are not on your level.

Will you find fake profiles on This is a very good question. There may be a few fake profiles on the website.

It’s vital for you to ignore the fake profiles on Match. You will not have any trouble with finding thousands of real profiles. There are genuine people on the site.

Please keep in mind that Match makes it extremely difficult for someone to create a fake profile. However, this does not mean that someone with savvy computer skills will not be able to create a fake profile. If you spot a phony profile, you can report it.

Here are the highlights of the profiles on Match:

  • You will find tons of detailed profiles
  • The site allows you to upload up to 26 pictures on your profile
  • You can see a member’s log-in activity
  • You can check out the profiles for free
  • You have the option of submitting your profile to’s sister sites

The Match App

You can download the Match App on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app will only take a small amount of space on your phone.

You will not find extra features on the app. However, it functions very well. You should not have any problems navigating through the site on your mobile or cellular phone.

The Match App has a simple interface. This makes it easy for you to find members and use the site’s features. You can contact members by clicking on the icons.

Here are the special highlights of the Match App:

  • The app has the same features that can be found on the main website
  • You can download the app for free
  • The interface makes the app extremely easy for anyone to use
  • You can get notifications when you get likes and messages
  • The app functions extremely well

Site Design

As we stated above, the Match App has an impressive clean design. The same can be said for the primary website.

The site’s design is perfect for people with limited computer skills. To be honest, no one has the time to deal with a complex website design.

You will be able to see the header menu with ease. This is where you can tap into the features that will help you navigate the site without any difficulty.

We also noticed that three colors white, pink, and blue are used on the site. These colors are easy on the eyes, and they make it easy for you to navigate the website.

Free Services and Fee Based Services

Match offers free services and fee based services. Free services will help you meet new people, but you should think about getting the fee based services if you’re serious about making a love connection.

The free services can get you off to a good start, but the fee based services offers many benefits that you cannot afford to overlook.

Here’s what you will get with the free services:

  • You can create a free account
  • You have direct access to the profile builder
  • You can view an unlimited amount of profiles
  • You can use the member search feature
  • You can get SingleOut matches
  • You can participate in the matchmaking game

Here’s what you can look forward to with the fee based services:

  • Secure a spot in the daily matches section
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • You can use the instant messenger
  • You can send messages to members
  • You have direct access to MatchPhone
  • You can log-in discreetly
  • You will get email read notifications

Breakdown of Membership Costs

We looked at several popular dating websites and took their fees into consideration. Based on our research, the membership cost at is pretty reasonable.

There’s an old saying, “You get what you pay for.” In this case, Match offers low membership fees. Let’s take a quick look at the costs of having a membership at Match.

We will begin with the premium plan.

  • Three Months – Let’s say you decide to test the waters with a 3 month premium membership plan. You will be charged $14.99 USD per month. This will be $44.97 USD in total.

  • Six Months – If you select the six-month plan, you are looking at $11.49 USD per month. This will be $68.94 USD in total.

  • Twelve Months – This is the plan you should think about choosing if you want to get your money’s worth. With the twelve months plan, you are only required to pay $8.99 per month. This will be $107.88 USD in total.

Here are the fees for the standard plan:

  • Three Months – The fee for the three-month plan is $12.99 USD per month. In total, you are looking at $38.97 USD.

  • Six Months – If you select this plan, you are facing $9.99 USD per month. In total, you will have to pay $58.94 USD.

  • Twelve Months – If you want to get on the one-year membership plan, you are facing $7.99 USD per month. This equates to $95.88 USD.

Here are the fees for Boost:

  • One Credit – $0.99 USD per credit. This is only $0.99 USD.

  • Five Credits – $.80 USD per credit. This leads to $4.00 USD.

  • Ten Credits – $.60 USD per credit. For ten credits, you are looking at paying $6.00 USD.
  1. Are’s Membership Fees Reasonable?

    As we stated above, we compared’s membership fees to the other popular dating websites. We discovered that’s memberships are reasonably priced.

  2. What are the Payment Options for

    You have three payment options at your disposal. You can pay with your debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

    At this present time, you cannot pay with cryptocurrency or digital currency. However, this may change in the near future.

Membership Fees for’s Mobile App

Here’s the layout for’s mobile app subscription fees:

  • Three Month Premium Subscription – With this plan, you are looking at $119.97 USD.

  • Six Month Premium Subscription – This subscription is only $149.94 USD.

  • Six Month Standard Subscription – This subscription is $137.94 USD.

As you can see, the subscription fees at Match are reasonable. It’s important to mention that some online premium dating sites charge hundreds of dollars for their services.

Does Offer Special Features?

Fortunately, Match offers special features to their members. Many online dating sites do not offer the features that you will find on Match.

With these special features in play, you should not have any trouble with finding casual dates or true love. If you want to get into the game, please be ready to pay the low membership fees. In return, you can look forward to getting the special features listed below.

  • Boost Feature

    The Boost feature is an add-on special feature. It will highlight your profile for one hour.

    Members will be able to see your profile in the ‘Matches’ and ‘Discover’ section for one full hour. In a sense, you are marketing your profile to thousands of members with a click of the button.

    Is the Boost Feature effective? From our experience, the Boost Feature is extremely effective.
  • Likes

    This is the tab that will allow you to see who likes your profile, and you can keep record of the profiles that you like. Please keep in mind that this feature only comes with a paid subscription.
  • Reverse Matches

    Once you sign up at, you will see thousands of profiles. Unfortunately, many of these members will not meet your standards. However, the Reverse Matches feature will save you precious time.

    With Reverse Matches at hand, the site will point out the members that may not be compatible with you. This will help you focus on reaching out to members who are on your level.
  • Match Me

    We touched on the Match Me feature earlier. This paid feature will help your profile get more exposure on the site.
  • MatchPhone

    We also covered the MatchPhone feature earlier. With MatchPhone, you can have a conversation with members over the telephone.

    MatchPhone will assign you with a telephone number. This added security measure will give you a peace of mind. You will not have to worry about members contacting you if things do not go well.
  • Match Guarantee

    We honestly believe that you will not have any trouble with finding suitable prospects on Match. However, you can get a free six-month subscription if you don’t find a good match. This is a great deal!
  • Vibe Check

    The vibe check gives you the golden opportunity to communicate with other members via video chat. The website sets up the vibe check if the member is willing to chat with you via video. We must point out that a conversation must take place between you and the member before your vibe check request is honored.

    We personally believe Vibe Check is one of the coolest features on It’s a great way for singles to communicate with each other on the internet.

    A distinct black icon will appear below the exchanged messages. Clicking on the icon will send your request for a video chat. The member can accept or decline your invitation. Hopefully, they will accept your invitation.
  • Match Date Check In

    It is important for singles to take safety measures with online dating these days. The Match Date Check In is one safeguard that separates Match from other virtual dating sites.

    The Match Date Check In allows you to submit three emergency contacts. Match will send full details of your date to your emergency contacts. They will get the calendar date, time, and location.

    During your date, Match will send messages to your phone. They will ask you if you are comfortable with the member. If you state that you feel unsafe, the system will send a distressed message to your emergency contacts.
  1. Can You Cancel Your Subscription Anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Simply log-in and go to the account settings. Match makes it easy for members to cancel their subscription.

  2. Can You Get a Refund?

    No, you cannot get a refund. However, you can get a free six months subscription if you cannot find your ideal match within a six-month period.

    We know that you may have some questions about Match, so we took out the time to compile several frequently asked questions. We’re confident they will shed more light on one of the best dating sites around today.

  3. Can the site’s algorithm find suitable matches?

    Absolutely!’s algorithm will take your preferences in consideration and find members with similar interests. It’s fair to say that the algorithm does a fantastic job at matching members. There’s no reason why the algorithm cannot do the same thing for you.

  4. Is suitable for alternative dating?

    Yes, is suitable for members that prefer the alternative lifestyle. At this time, there are over 2 million active LGBT Match members. However, you are not required to disclose your sexual preference when you join the website.

  5. Does Match offer privacy settings?

    Yes, you can hide your profile. Go to the account settings and select ‘Hidden’. Your profile will not show up in the search queries.

  6. Can I check out the profiles without a membership?

    You can check out the profiles without a membership. However, your search will be interrupted with messages from the site. The messages will encourage you to join the site.

  7. Is Match ideal for Australian singles?

    Match review Australia is a huge deal these days. Fortunately, you will not have any difficulty finding eligible singles in Australia. In our opinion, you will be pleased with the depth of Australian membership on the site.

  8. Can I connect my Facebook page to Match?

    The site makes it extremely easy for you to connect your Facebook page. It’s important to mention that Match will not post messages to your Facebook page without your consent.

  9. Can I block abusive members?

    Match makes an earnest effort to protect their members. If you are experiencing a problem with a member, you can block them with ease. Simply click on the ‘Block’ and ‘Report’ buttons.

  10. Will send me emails?

    The site will automatically send you emails. The emails will inform you of the latest events taking place at the site. If you don’t want to receive emails, you can change the email notification settings.

  11. Is safe?

    Online dating is fun and exciting. is the perfect place for you to find someone for a casual or serious commitment.

    Unfortunately, scammers will create fake profiles on online dating sites. is not an exception.

    It’s your responsibility to make certain you are communicating with a real person. Doing your due diligence is the best way to weed out the scammers. is safe to use, but you must use common sense and good judgment.

Our Personal Rating for

Joining the site: 10/10

Communicating with other members: 10/10

App Performance: 9/10

Safety: 10/10

Experience: 10/10

Final Word

With, dating in Australia is fun and exciting for singles from all walks of life. If you’re searching for casual dates or a serious relationship, you should check out Match today. This dynamic dating website has tons of intriguing personals and special features.

You should give it a try. You will not be disappointed.