Plenty of Fish Review Australia 2020 

One of the pioneering dating platforms for young singles, Plenty of Fish, otherwise known as POF, has tons of features to be offered to both free and paid members. It’s a great way for individuals to connect with others in their area, all across the world. In fact, there are approximately 4,500,000 members from Australia alone, making it one of the more popular dating platforms for the country.

Members on POF

There is a wide dynamic of members on Plenty of Fish, with an almost equal distribution of men to women who are active on the website. The largest age range of individuals available on the site is men between the ages of 25 and 34, closely followed by women in the same age group. This makes both men and women between the ages of 25 and 34 the website’s primary demographic, however.

In regards to the kind of lifestyle the dating platform caters to, this dating platform has a wide variety of individuals. Most often, it seems, the site is catering to middle-class individuals looking for casual dates and long-term relationships.

Registration Process

The registration process often takes longer than most other websites, as it requires the user to provide a reasonable amount of information in order to create the account. There are at least 20 questions that the user must answer in order for their account to be active and able to be viewed by other users. Questions asked may include the following:

  • Gender and sexual orientation

  • Properties owned

  • Financial status

  • Desire to have children

  • Smoking and drinking habits

Other users can then use this information to determine if you’re potentially romantically compatible. Additionally, unlike many other dating websites, the website does not connect with any form of social media, though you can utilize Facebook and Instagram for pictures to post on your profile if you so desire.

Connecting with Matches

Communicating with others through this app is relatively easy and unlimited, even for free users, which makes it a great dating platform for those who are unsure that they want to commit to paying for a dating subscription. Members can message each other back and forth as many times as they would like throughout the course of the day.

Additionally, the app allows you to record and send voice messages to other users, which is a great way to feel somewhat personally connected to individuals and safely get to know them before you meet them. Moreover, an odd fact about POF is that the sending of images is limited to females only. Male users were banned from sending images several years ago due to excessive reports of nudity and inappropriate photos.

The only thing users cannot do through chat messages is send copied or forwarded messages – the app will block it. This is to help prevent the spread of spam messages and accounts, which have been a problem on POF in the past.

Profile Creation

Unlike many common dating websites which provide free users with a somewhat limited profile creation ability, POF provides users with a variety of information on the person themselves, as well as their family and how they relate to them, their education status, what they’re looking for in a relationship, and the longest relationship they’ve had previously. This gives potential matches an idea of if they will be compatible with the user.

Most of this information is gathered and compiled during account registration. Due to the amount of information gathered during account registration, individuals are able to create a full profile that others can view. Free users can post up to 8 pictures of themselves to the platform, while paid users can post up to 16. Additionally, photos with face filters are banned, as Plenty of Fish has a policy against these filters in favor of knowing that “what you see is what you get.”

Policies like these were put in place to make dating in Australia, as well as dating across the entire world, more genuine an experience when connecting online. Ultimately, connecting with others and creating a profile that is in-depth is relatively easy when registering for Plenty of Fish.

Mobile App

The mobile app is likely the most popular way that users use this application. It’s easy to use, available on the Apple Store, the Play Store, and on the Windows Store. Additionally, the app and the website have the same functionality and are both easy to use and navigate.

Website Design

When accessing the website, you may end up feeling just a little bit overwhelmed. Overall, it simply seems like a lot, and can, therefore, feel a bit cluttered. For those looking for an easy experience, you may find yourself a bit happier with the mobile version. It is easy to use and profiles are easily accessible. Additionally, it’s relatively easy to edit profile information on either platform.

Premium Account vs Free Account

Realistically, POF offers plenty of features for users who only have free accounts. Some of those features include, but are not limited to:

  • Matching with users and sending messages.
  • Adding other members to favorites lists.
  • Seeing which members are online.
  • Taking POF’s compatibility predictor test.
  • Viewing profiles.
  • Sending voice messages.
  • Seeing which members are located nearby.

All of these features are available for free and paid members, providing them with an easy ability to connect with each other without paying for a POF account.

However, paid users have access to the following perks and functionalities, as well:

  • Priority placement in POF’s “Meet Me” feature.
  • Ability to view extended profiles of users.
  • See sent, received, and read statuses on messages.
  • No ads.
  • See who viewed your profile and when.
  • Ability to send up to 3 gifts a day to other users.

Pricing or POF varies based on the number of months you are interested in subscribing to a premium account. Premium payments are due in one lump sum at the time of enrollment, so which you will get a “per month” estimate, you’ll need to pay the full amount for the number of months that you want to subscribe to their premium plan.

For two months premium, users pay $25.00 AUD a month, costing a total of $50.00 AUD upfront. For 4 months of premium, users pay $18.75 AUD a month, totaling to $74.99 due at the time of purchase. And, for 8 months of premium, users pay $15.00 AUD a month, with $119.99 due at purchase.

Compared to many other dating sites with premium plans, payments for POF are considered average. The website has a reputation for being relatively affordable, all things considered.

Additionally, users can choose to purchase tokens, which are non-refundable and can be used to purchase in-app gifts and features. Additionally, subscriptions automatically renew and must be canceled prior to the next billing date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of relationship do people look for on POF?

    One of the reasons that many users like POF are due to the fact that the app asks users to explicitly define the type of relationship they are looking for. This means that when you access a user’s profile, you’ll know if they’re looking for a hookup, a relationship, or something long-term.
  • How does POF base their matches?

    POF uses the profile information and questions you answer when you create your profile to determine your matches based on answer compatibility.
  • Can males send messages or is it only female members?

    Male members can send and receive messages, however, only female members are allowed to send images to other users.


Overall, for users who are looking for an affordable online dating experience, Plenty of Fish has plenty to offer. With a variety of profile features available to all members, it’s a great way for people to dip their toes in the water and get used to the online dating scene. Additionally, as far as free profiles go, the service provides a relatively in-depth profile and works hard to match users with others who they would be compatible with.

While it’s definitely not a top-ranking dating platform, Plenty of Fish has a lot to offer and is a great way for people to meet and get to learn about one another in a safe and simple manner. It gives plenty of insight into what users are looking for as well as who members are, allowing people to create genuine connections with others online. It’s easy to search for users who share interests, hobbies, or expectations and utilizes a user-friendly platform that allows others to connect. It’s definitely a great choice for plenty of people, and for an application that can be used for free, has tons of features.