Red Hot Pie Review Australia 2020 

What is Red Hot Pie?

When I first decided to write a Red Hot Pie Review Australia, I was convinced the site was just another scam. I want to admit right up front I was wrong. Red Hot Pie is simply a site for adult dating in Australia.

The website caters to individuals interested in casual sex or hookups. I found a lot of hot individuals looking for fun with no commitment or strings. Although the majority of members are not interested in a partnership, it is still possible.

How to Hook Up on Red Hot Pie

I found the sign-up process for the site simple and straightforward. I was given the option of email registration or logging in with my Facebook account. Once my profile was completed, I simply provided some basic details.

I want to mention the results are better when several photos are uploaded, and more information is provided. Due to the vast number of members on the website, a complete profile enables much quicker connections.

I chose not to respond to any members without at least one profile photo, and anyone not yet verified by Red Hot Pie. I had no difficulty completing the verification process.

A full-face photo is required for verification. I had to hold a paper I had written my unique code on to finish the process. I also had the site send a code directly to my mobile phone to verify my number.

Even though this code was not required, I knew other members would be more relaxed once I proved I was a genuine person. Red Hot Pie does not publicly share any of the verification photos.

The site design is exceptional. I was already familiar with the functionality and many of the features because I use social networking. I had to be a paid member to use a lot of features.

Finding a Date in a Specific Area

There are different options to find a date in a specific area. I was impressed with the DateFinder tool. The tool is located in the main menu. Members can choose a specific date for a hookup, and the member.

The options include women, men, groups, couples, transgender, and TV/CD. The age range of the desired partner can then be selected. The next step is deciding what type of date is desired. The choices include:

  • Casual encounter

  • Hang out

  • Fetish party

  • Anything

  • Swingers party

The member can be specific, and choose a more traditional option such as a date to the movies, dinner, sporting event or coffee. The member can also be extremely direct and ask for a bedroom date.

There are prefilled details available in the tool for dates including Netflix ‘n Chill, Take it From There, Sexy Movies and Takeaway. The member also has the option of writing their own details.

As soon as the information is complete, the date can be posted to the site. The member then waits to be contacted by anyone interested. Members can also search for posted dates to find something interesting.

Interest in a date can be directly expressed. Dating in Australia can also be accomplished with the Search tool. Members can choose the proximity, location, and age range to locate members searching for women, men, groups and couples.

Once a list has been compiled, the platform is used by the member for sending instant messages, flirting or opening a new chat.

The Users of Red Hot Pie

Understanding the way membership to Red Hot Pie works prior to joining is important. The potential member should be sure the site offers the types of members they are most interested in meeting.

The majority of individuals joining the website are interested in adult dating, casual sex and NSA hookups. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in meeting a member willing to hookup almost immediately.

Although finding a long term commitment through the site is possible, the chances are not great. The site is ideal for incredibly hot, no string hookups. If this sounds interesting, local hotties can be met on the site very easily.

Making Contact with Red Hot Pie Members

Premium members can easily send messages to the other members. Free messages can only be sent by the members when a match is found. Both text chat and webchat are available on the site.

To get the attention of a member, a flirt can be sent. If any member is disrespectful, they can be reported and blocked. The member will no longer be able to see the profile of the individual or contact them.

Communication with the members is possible in several different ways including flirt, text chat, webchat and simple messages.

  • Flirt

    One of the special features is flirt. This enables members including guests to make contact with other members. This is accomplished by sending default messages including cheeky, to the point and ice breakers.
  • Text Chat

    The text chat is available for sending and receiving instant messages. The chat works in exactly the same way as Facebook’s messenger app. A plugin for Adobe Flash is necessary for entering the chatroom. The best option is Mozilla Foxfire.
  • Webchat

    Members can use webchat to see one another. Virtual conversations face-to-face are also possible.
  • Simple Messages

    Simple messages are a lot like sending an email. The member can see the message status to determine if the email has been read.

Validating Profiles

Every profile must be validated with both a mobile number and a photo. The member is able to decide what will or will not be seen on their profile. All of the fields can be edited at the section titles Account and Profile.

The member can change fields, or add details to any of the sections previously skipped. I have found the majority of members are open with the information in their profiles.

I have seen sensitive topics including fetish, sexual and intimate details completely filled out on numerous profiles. Members have the option to add photos. These profiles appear more genuine, which means they are more interesting to the other members.

Separate folders can be added for amateur, private and public photosets. Other profile details include general activities and interests, lifestyle and physical appearance. Do Not Display and Ask Me are both options when finishing a profile.

These options offer the member a lot more privacy, or enable them to appear as mysterious.

Search Options

Search settings can be changed according to the username, preferences, age, gender and location. Premium members are able to use advanced search settings. If the member does not want to receive messages temporarily, the lock feature can be activated.

Messages can be conveniently received once again by unlocking the feature. Messages from premium members in the inbox are highlighted in red. Messages highlighted in green have not yet been read by the member.

All paying members have access to contacting features. Guest members will have a chance to send messages when a match is made based on their criteria. I like the fact Red Hot Pie has a link to report abuse.

Any members exhibiting improper behavior or sending questionable messages can be blocked and reported.

The App

Red Hot Pie offers a free app for downloading on either an Android or iPhone. Some of the premium app features can only be accessed with an in-app purchase. Auto-renew can easily be turned off if the member no longer wants to use premium services.

I found the navigation on the app was much easier and quicker. I was able to use the app from any location provided I had my mobile phone with me.


There are three different payment options available. The account registration is free. To receive full access to the site, I had to pay for membership. All of the details are available at the official site.

Each option offers different benefits such as the number of messages the member can send, using the webcam chat, and viewing restricted photos.

The first option is a Premium membership. The price for one month is $52.00, six months are $17.52 per month, and 12 months are $12.66 per month.

The cost of the Premium Plus membership is $72.00 for one month, $25.00 per month for six months, and $17.91 for 12 months.

The cost of the Platinum membership is $105.00 for one month, $36.66 per month for six months and $25.83 per month for 12 months.

Limited Elite Membership is called the Platinum Diamond Club. The cost including exclusive benefits is $500 per year.

Red Hot Pie Review Australia

I have found Red Hot Pie excellent for connecting with members sharing the same interests and desires. The site enables members to find singles, or join groups or couples for entertainment and pleasure.

The site provides everything necessary for the member’s enjoyment. I found the site both refreshing and intriguing. Members can meet other members according to their preferences and interests.

I especially recommend Red Hot Pie for anyone specifically searching for swingers, group sex, or interested in meeting other couples.