RSVP Review Australia 2020 

From the look of things, online dating is here to stay. In fact, it keeps getting better as more advanced online dating apps like RSVP Australia enter the scene. Moreover, it keeps attracting more people because it is more fun and easier to get an ideal match online than it is elsewhere.

With so many online dating apps and a growing concern about users’ privacy, security, and use of the data they submit, it is often hard to know which app to trust. In this article, we will review RSVP, which is the fastest growing online dating app in Australia.

Why Online Dating?

Most people are hesitant about turning to online dating because they are not sure it works. If you are in this group, consider the following points, and you may find out that online dating is the way to go:

  • It allows you to spread out your social network.
  • It saves you time since you can get an ideal match faster than in real life
  • It filters out people who do not meet your specifications
  • You and your match already have an established common ground. You are both sure about what you want from the dating app. This is unlike in real life where you see someone you are interested in but cannot tell if he or she is open to dating or what his or her status is until you establish contact with him or her.
  • It is easier to face rejection from an online match since you cannot see the disinterest on their face. Additionally, your match won’t even see your disappointed look.
  • It works. There are enough success stories s about how people have met their ideal partners, be it for friendship or romance, to show that online dating is reliable and effective.

Now that you know the benefits of online dating, let us use this RSVP review to narrow down to dating in Australia.

RSVP Australia has more than 4 million members, the majority of whom are aged between 35 and 50 years. The gender split of the members is balanced at 50% males and 50% females. Users consider it more credible because the charge high membership fees, which work to weed out jokers from the app.

Before sign up, you need to know that the app can share your information with other third parties or use your photos in their adverts as long as you agree and sign their terms and conditions.

So, what do you get when you sign up with them?


You can choose the parameters to use to filter your matches. Age, height, ethnicity, location, and education are some of the qualities that you can specify to set up your search criteria.

The ideal criteria you set will be used to generate matches that you can consider. The RSVP app will mostly rely on your match criteria and match history to suggest possible ideal matches for you, thus making it easier for you to make your choice.

If you are a paying member, you will have access to compatibility data so that you can weigh your compatibility with each of your ideal matches. This is helpful because it gives more insight into the users who interest you before making contact with them.


You can join RSVP at any of three membership levels. The level are basic, premium, and platinum, and they each offer you different levels of privileges.

RSVP Basic Membership

You do not pay any membership fee to join RSVP APP at this level. You will be allowed to submit up to 15 photos and receive a personality report. Moreover, you can set up your match criteria.

Additionally, the app will send you possible matches every day even though you cannot initiate a conversation with your ideal match unless one of you is a paying member. However, you can send winks, which are considered an expression of interest in a match.

If you want to contact your match, you must have stamps that cost between $5 and $14. The stamps will give you unlimited messages with 1 contact for a month.

RSVP Premium Membership

Your premium membership fee will be $20-$30 every month, which will let you enjoy priority support from the customer services department. Moreover, you will not receive adverts from RSVP APP if you are at this membership level. This applies even when you have the app on your phone.

You will be able to send winks at this level. However, you will need to buy stamps to send messages to your ideal matches.

Fortunately, your stamps do not expire, which means that you can use them even after the first month. There is a catch though; your membership has to be current for your stamps to remain in use after one month.

RSVP Platinum Membership

To be a platinum member, you have to pay a monthly fee of $49-$89. You have all the privileges that premium members enjoy but you get an additional 10 stamps each month. Your matches will not have to pay to reply to your messages and you can send one super wink every day.


This is a major concern with all internet users. A lot of personal information is shared over the internet. You want to know that your online dating app will not expose you and make you a victim of cybercrime and stalking.

RSVP customer care team monitors all the profiles, photos, and activities on this platform to ensure they are credible. Because of their premium charges, you will only find credible users on the app. They vet members keenly before allowing them on board or letting them access the details of other users whom they select as possible matches.

Privacy Policy

When you want to join RSVP at any level, you will be asked to read their privacy policy and sign it if you agree with their terms and conditions. Once you sign on the dotted line, you grant the app the authority to share your data with third parties or to use your photos in their advertisements.

Keeping Yourself Safe on Online Dating Sites

You should keep yourself safe whenever you are using online dating sites. You want to shield yourself from ill-motived people who may want to stalk you, or matches that do not materialize to anything worthwhile. Here is what you can do:

  1. Do not use your real name

    Choose and stick to a pseudo name until you are sure you know whom you are dealing with. Anyone who knows your name can Google you and find out who you really are.

  2. Do not share your personal details

    Avoid saying too much about yourself to strangers. You should be discrete about such details as your address, where you work, your car number plate, and your bank details.

  3. Get a Google voice number

    This will ensure that your matches do not get your real number. In case you decide not to continue dating your ideal match, he or she will not pester you on your phone.

  4. Meet at a public place

    Until when you can trust your date, always meet in public places. Do not invite the date to your place or go to his or her house. Additionally, do not accept a ride in your date’s car and do not allow him or her to escort you to your house.

  5. Tell a family member or a friend where you are going

    Let someone you trust know where you are going and give him/her the details of your date. If you are staying for long, keep updating the person so that he/she knows you are safe or knows when you need help. Your date does not have to know that you are doing this.

Why Online Dating?

Before sign up, you need to know that the app can share your information with other third parties or use your photos in their adverts as long as you agree and sign their terms and conditions.


Online dating has been a thing for some time now. While you can benefit immensely from online dating, it is important that you ensure you are safe every time you are meeting people online. In the RSVP review Australia, we have provided you with everything you need to know about this popular dating APP. This will ensure you know what to expect before signing in to it. We have also given you tips on how to keep yourself safe with online dating in Australia.