Zoosk Review Australia 2020 

Zoosk is an online dating app we have found extremely to use. The app offers singles a lot of benefits. There are currently more than 40 million people using Zoosk in more than 850 countries.

The app has found a way to make international dating much more efficient, effective and achievable. What I found intriguing was the elimination of tedious and lengthy questionnaires.

Zoosk simply uses the individual’s online social media profiles. The process is much easier because the profile has already been created. All of the information is then integrated seamlessly right into the Zoosk account.

In December of 2007, social media became extremely popular. This was when the first apps for Facebook were created. I was intrigued to discover Zoosk was one of these apps.

Signing Up for Zoosk

Dating in Australia is definitely easier with Zoosk. The official website places the form for signing up at the top. I found the form extremely easy to access. I admit, I do not like searching for anything.

The first thing I noticed was the design of the site was high-quality. The entire process took me less than a minute. I went back later to add a few more details to ensure my profile was better.

I wanted great search results to ensure the best possible Zoosk review Australia. The process was very simple. I filled out the basic details including my name, birthday, email address and location.

I then had the choice of uploading a photo from my G+ or Facebook account or my desktop. I was given the option to provide additional personal details including my ethnicity, education level and body type.

As soon as I had confirmed my account through email, I was ready to begin. When I initially saw photos of the people on Zoosk, I was stunned. I never imagined they would be nearly as attractive.

I found the app simple to use in addition to being very smooth. My profile photo was approved, and I liked the way it looked. Within a period of 24 hours, my profile was looked at a lot, leading to numerous contacts.

The Security

Zoosk uses only cutting-edge security. Every person signing up for an account is thoroughly scrutinized. Identity checks are performed by a Zoosk representative for the safety of the members.

Every profile is examined carefully to make certain the information is accurate and honest. This is accomplished with a verification process completed through the phone, Facebook or Twitter. The mobile app is used for photo verification.

I discovered another layer of protection was available. I simply had to activate the option for private browsing. I realized just how seriously Zoosk takes safety when I looked to the left of every single page.

I found safety tips dedicated to advising users on the most common concerns regarding online dating. I learned how to chat online, about the creation of a safe profile, and how to meet people offline.

There were even tips showing me how to identify both scamming and fraud issues. There is no doubt in my mind the site is safe.

Zoosk Search Functions

There were numerous featured I just adored. I knew the people I was looking at were accurately represented by their photos due to the photo verification system. Despite the attractiveness of these individuals, they were real.

I then answered some questions about my requirements for dating. The SmartPick AI system was used by Zooks to introduce me to the people I would most likely be interested in. In most cases, the site was right on target.

One of the best features of the site was the matchmaking algorithm. This was how Zoosk provided me with the best possible matches. I was then matched in three different ways.

Behavioral Matchmaking is a type of machine learning effective for dating in Australia. My results were consistently more accurate because the system learned my dislikes, likes and preferences.

I found this process extremely sophisticated for locating matches. I quickly learned it was also successful. I had 24 hours to decline or respond to my matches. I want to state even though it was not my intention, I found my ideal match in three weeks.

The quick match feature is called the carousel. I was able to quickly swipe through numerous profiles very quickly. Every time I saw a profile photo, I just clicked yes, no or maybe.

I found this an excellent option for viewing a lot of profiles without wasting time. Since I prefer fast decisions, I found this feature incredibly helpful. When I was interested in someone, I starred them to show my interest.

At this point, the next move was up to the individual I left a star for. Despite the limitations of this feature, I found it an excellent option. The final option is the manual search feature.

This approach involves searching through the database manually to locate the best matches. I found the process easy. All I had to do was keep clicking on profiles until I found one that was appealing.

I was able to make decisions quickly because I could see the member’s profile photo, location and age. I knew immediately whether or not I wanted to proceed. I also found the options for messaging to establish communication excellent.

I was also able to edit my searches for more specific results. I used the filters to determine age, distance, location, relationship status and ethnicity.

Communication Tools

The most useful and unique feature I found on the sight was the insight reports for dating. I learned a lot about both my personality and dating preferences. Zoosk was actually able to determine the type of person I enjoyed dating better than I could.

Not only did Zoosk open my eyes, but they also made my selection process a lot easier and much quicker. As I continued to use the site, more information was collected. The result was even more insights.

I had different options for contacting a person on Zoosk. I could like the individual’s profile or Smile at them. I also had the option to send a text message. I admit I never used the option of sending a virtual gift.

I found the mobile app unbelievably convenient. I was able to check the site easily during the course of my day. I found I could send an SMS message to anyone using the site.

I found initiating the first communication less awkward, and much smoother with SMS messages. I believe this option will be very effective for anyone interested in more casual dating.

I made the decision to link my profile on Zoosk with my Facebook account. I then received newsfeed updates for my account. This was effective when a profile was updated by one of my potential matches or photos were added.

I love the Super Send feature because I was able to reach out to numerous users simultaneously. I also liked using the icebreakers offered by Zoosk. This is a great way to determine interest according to my reply.

My icebreakers often led to a much deeper conversation. SmartPick is another excellent tool. Technology is used for choosing matches based on likes history and compatibility.

Help and Customer Support

The help center is extensive. There is even a searchable FAQ section. I had the choice of contacting customer service through any of the social media outlets for Zoosk including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and G+.

The Pricing

I found the pricing fair. The price for one month is $29.95, three months is $19.95 per month, and six months or 12 months is $12.49 per month. There is no fee to sign up. I was even given the opportunity to look around the site for free.

Communicating with a member is not possible until a paid membership is purchased. Once I became a member, I was able to use SmartPick. This service allowed me to see the members who looked at my profile.

I was able to chat with or message the members as many times as I wanted. The longer the membership period, the less expensive the price, None of the rates are fixed, but at the time I signed up, the above rates applied.

The only additional fee for membership is optional. I was offered the opportunity to purchase coins. Coins can be used for different purposes such as sending a gift to a member, or using premium message functionality.

The reason I decided to purchase coins was that I was intrigued by the ability to display my profile more prominently for all of the search results.

Our Conclusion

My conclusion is Zoosk offers an outstanding dating app at an affordable price. The site is appropriate for both serious or casual relationships. The chance of finding love is better due to more than 40 million members.

I strongly recommend Zoosk for anyone interested in finding compatible matches by using a simple and easy system. My only regret is that I did not start using Zoosk a long time ago.